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Learn how to start a profitable Dropshipping business for only $50. If after 1 month you've learned everything, go ahead and cancel your subscription anytime. Over $3,000 of information for only $50

Benefits Of Joining Molendijk University 

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$100,000 Store Reveal

Watch me start and scale a 6 figure Dropshipping store. In a step by step case study, where you see the store, the product and all the ads. Finally find out what goes on behind the scenes of a 6 figure store. 

Regular Updates

Molendijk University isn't just a course. It's a learning space, where content is constantly updated with relevant information. Including additional courses, available to you with your subscription 

Don't Waste Money

Most Dropshippers burn through thousands of dollars when starting out. Trying to learn on their own, or from a bunch of different Youtubers. Molendijk University saves you thousands and countless hours for only $50.

Learn & Apply Model

All the information in the courses accessible to you, are a learn and apply model. This means you can follow along with the videos, and do exactly what is shown while watching. This will save you time, and drastically improve the results of your business.

Recognized Degrees

Since Molendijk University is a well knows education platform. Students who complete courses can receive certificates indicating their learning experience. These certificates look great on college and work applications. 

Flexible payments

We accept a variety of payment options. Ensuring that no matter what country your located in, you can get access to the university. If a payment option isn't available, reach out to our support staff and they will see what they can make happen. 

You Get Access To Everything Found Below

When you subscribe to the university, you get access to all courses, live webinars, communities, product ideas, trade ideas, and updates.
Build a dropshipping business

Dropshipping MasterClass

The skills you need to create and run a successful Dropshipping business
The #1 Course to learn new tricks and tactics used by Jonathan Molendijk

Certificate Included 

  • Stand out on applications 

    Clearly demonstrate your knowledge of e-commerce, business, marketing and product fulfillment.
    • Social Media Marketing 
    • Influencer Marketing 
    • Pay Per Click Marketing 
    • Product Fulfillment and Supply Chain Management
    • Business Management 
  • Powerful Lifetime Value

    Knowing how to run a business, market it successfully, and manage all the systems that run in the background in a highly valuable skill. Use this certificate to stand out on job and university applications. So you can get a job or career, that can fund your business until it takes off. 
  • Duration

    27 hours

  • Modules

    13+ More To Come

  • Video

    67+ More To Come

  • Learners

    800+ Students

Molendijk University Membership 

Complete access to Molendijk University and associated discord server. All access pass to all program content, with a price locked membership. Meaning you maintain the same price, even when prices go up as new content and programs are added. 
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Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

#1 Product Recommendations

Recommended dropshipping products, constantly updated. If you want you could test one of the products, or use them as an example of what to look for. 

#2 Trade Recommendations

Get access to updated trade recommendations. Outlining stocks that have good long term and short term potential. That you can hold or Daytrade.

#3 Live Dropshipping & Daytrading Training

Jonathan hosts live training events that are exclusive to university members. With your subscription you get access to all training, not just Dropshipping.

#4 Dropshipping & Daytrading Alerts

Get alerted when there are crucial updates in the Dropshipping or Daytrading space. That could directly affect your business or trades.

Way More To Come, Same Price If Subscribed

Once you subscribe to Molendijk University, you get a price lock. That means that no matter how long you stay subscribed, you maintain the same price. With a brand new Daytrading MasterClass and Google Ads Mastery course on the way. At $50 this will be the lowest price we will ever offer.

Dropshipping Masterclass (Live)

A complete guide to starting a Dropshipping business. Including a $100,000 case study, where you get to watch Jonathan Molendijk start and scale a store to 6 figures. Everything you could possible need to start a Dropshipping business, and transition to a brand.

DayTrading Masterclass (Coming 2024)

Everything you need to learn how to daytrade. All strategies, rules, structures and mental frames. Required to become a successful daytrader. This program will take you from beginner to advanced in a matter of weeks. Ensuring you have all the information you need, to prevent massive losses that most beginner daytraders experience when starting out.

Google Ads Mastery (Coming 2024)

Everything to do with Google Ads, nothing else. This is a platform specific program, that's intended to be insanely in-depth. Google ads are a great tool for selling products online, but an even better tool for building a brand and selling services. This program will show you how to build a brand, sell products and sell services. All using the insane power, that can be optimized through Google Ads. 

Amazon PPC Ad Mastery (Coming Soon)

Everything to do with Amazon PPC Ads, nothing else. Amazon PPC ads are one of the best ways to launch new products, and create interest in your brand. Everything taught in this program is structured specifically for building a brand on Amazon. If you want to find out how to launch a product successfully, and grow interest in your brand and products on Amazon. This is the program for you. 

Amazon FBA Masterclass (Coming Soon)

A complete step by step guide on how to launch your brand on Amazon. This program is perfect for anyone who owns an existing brand, or has a brand idea that they wan't to start on the worlds largest marketplace. Save years of money and effort, by expediting your learning curve. Start to see the power of Amazon right away. 

The Art Of Power (Coming Soon)

A complete guide on navigating the world of an entrepreneur and investor. This program is intended for business owners and investors that are seeking answers to the tough questions they ask themselves. This program will be in association with psychologists, entrepreneurs, spiritual healers and of course Jonathan Molendijk. 
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Molendijk University Membership 

Complete access to Molendijk University and associated discord server. All access pass to all program content.
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